3D Printing and Fabrication

What is 3D Printing?

  • 3D printing is the construction of three-dimensional objects through Computer Aided Design (CAD), where plastic is melted and cooled layer by layer into a final product.

  • What is an STL file?

    • An STL file, or a Standard Tessellation Language file, is a way to save a file to represent the whole part of the item you're printing. The 3D printing software can then use it to turn into simple layered printing instructions for the 3D printing.

Impact of 3D Printing AT!

With the power of 3D printing, we are able to print low tech assistive technology using plastic at a much cheaper cost than going to traditional AT vendors, potentially saving hundreds of dollars!

3D Printing Catalog

Check out the assistive technology we are 3D printing in our catalog. The storefront is open to purchase items.

Check Out our Padlet with 3D Printing Resources

Networking Across the State

We not only want to provide quality AT prints right here in Austin, but we will be working to create a network of library systems, school districts, and community colleges across the state in order to connect Texans with disabilities and their families to 3D printers and makers in their local area in order to create individualized AT solutions! Check out the Texas Assistive Technology Makers Alliance (TAMALES) for information on monthly meetings and how to get involved.

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