Financial Empowerment

What is Financial Empowerment?

The National Disability Institute defines Financial Empowerment as "the ability and confidence of individuals and communities to make positive financial decisions that promote their long-term financial stability and financial well-being." 

People with disabilities and their families deserve to be equipped with the best information and resources necessary to make financial decisions that provide them with security and stability now and in the future.

This Financial Empowerment Tool Guide provides a variety of resources covering topics such as financial wellness, disability benefits counseling, banking and credit building, to ABLE accounts and supplemental (special) needs trusts.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program

It's that time of year again, tax-filing season, but did you know that you or someone in your family could benefit from free income tax return preparation? Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs are a great way for people with disabilities and low and moderate income households to effectively file a tax return.

Learn more about VITA programs in your area by checking out the IRS website, or find disability centered resources at the National Disability Institute (NDI).

Free Tax Return Preparation: Goes over VITA services.

VITA Locator Tool (IRS): Helps folks find a VITA provider near them.

Free Tax Prep for People with Disabilities (NDI): Provides information for taxpayers with disabilities, as well as resources and questions to ask to make free tax prep sites accessible.

Interactive Financial Education Modules

Money Smart: FDIC's financial education program for people of all ages. Includes interactive games.

Better Money Habits: Bank of America's program on improving financial health.

Secure Your Financial Future: Department of Labor resource specifically for people with disabilities on financial well-being throughout the employment journey.

Credit Building for People with Disabilities

Savings Tools for People with Disabilities

Saving Money for People with Disabilities: BankRate article describing different savings options for people with income limits based on government benefits.

ABLE Accounts and SNTs: How to Choose - article from the Special Needs Alliance on figuring out which savings account will work best for the needs of the person with a disability.

Saving Is An Option for Individuals with Disabilities - AmericaSaves article covering resources that people with disabilities can use to build up savings.